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Classy Tools


There are a lot of perks when going shopping online. Saves time and energy. Sometimes, online shops give lots of promos, deals and such. This is a great help especially when it comes to people who usually work a lot, not having time to actually go to a mall. You could choose and go for classy accessories from this website or just click, add to cart and pay via card or preferred transactions.  Just make sure to know which shops are legit, be careful in choosing them.

International Need


I’ve been into mountain biking lately(not really mountain trails) and it is just so fulfilling just riding long routes and seeing the view I can’t see when driving a car. My bike, started as a beginner’s rig but I can proudly say that I were able to upgrade almost all the parts and now enjoying it more. Although, there are some parts that I can’t seem to find locally, I almost considered contacting a friend of mine hitch a part via container shipping international but then I realized I don’t need that bike frame badly since I still have a new and usable one. Maybe I just need to enjoy it even more rather than upgrading from time to time and it will surely save me a worry and of course, money.

Worn-out Drawer Slide


I had this computer table before, a gift from my mother when I am still in college, it looks sturdy but after a year or two the drawer slide came off. Imagine how much weight it can hold off? Just a keyboard and mouse maybe plus the weight of my arms – it just didn’t lasted that long so I took a photo of that and search the nearest hardware for replacement because during that time I don’t know what its called or the size that I should buy. I found several brands that are heavy duty and by just looking at the material, I found one that can be a good replacement. Call me a handy man in the making that time, ha-ha! Anyway, I took the old one down and replaced with the new slide and lucky enough it is still doing fine after around five years or more. I even turned the whole computer desk to my sister for her college use and still looking tough today. I should have realized that before that some furniture bought from malls are not that reliable because some furniture makers is cutting cost at the very least.


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