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Musical Instruments

Footswitch Sandwhich


About years ago, a friend of mine bought a pedal – the thought it was a pedal because he i not yet aware of the analog pedals before and bought a Peavey 6505 footswitch. I laughed hard hard but somehow felt bad for him because he thought he can make a good crunch with it as a standalone pedal without any compatible amplifier. But of course, since I own a peavey amp, I bought it from him because of its compatibility with mine. Oh how I love to use this footswitch in a raw direct amplifier setup. So for enthusiasts out there, specially guitar and module users, please do some research before buying an item since these gears are not that cheap from normal guys like us. So buy what you need and what can be used to fit your own sound and style.

Music Harp


When I was in my grade school, our class was thought of various musical instruments such as flute..uhm.. that was all I can remember. Maybe that was all we were taught? I wonder why we were not taught of guitar, piano or even drums because for me its something I learned by myself and not via our educational curriculum and its much useful in a way. I remember hearing my nephew being taught of music using a chromaharp and honestly, it was the first time I’ve herd of it so I got jealous a bit (look at the picture below) . However, past is past and I know how to play guitar so that alone is an accomplishment but somehow, I wished I listened to my mentor and learned how to use a flute. It became interesting for an early adult nowadays.

A different breed of sound


I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13, or so I say. But now that I am 25, I took a little reminiscing of the things I did for the sake of music in the past including the things I invested to obtain the sound that I want. I have no money or any source of income back then, I only rely on my savings coming from the allowance I get from school and of course, from my mother. I was so into music and so into guitar playing that I studied the licks to sound cool then comes the gadgets and the proper equipment I want for my playing style. On my birthday, I asked my mom to buy me a guitar and an amplifier, which she did because she knows how I was into music that time. Later on, after a few weeks, I sold that same guitar, a local replica of PRS and replaced it with an authentic Yamaha Pacifica, the old stratocaster look which I used for a couple of years. On my 15th birthday, I was able to save enough money from my allowances and bought Yamaha RGX821D and a Marshall 50-Watt Amplifier and that was when I started to play real hard and collected some pedals to grind the metal sound off the ears of my neighbors. Until today I am still using that same set with some minor changes to the pedals I used. I enjoy playing guitar especially when its loud and raw but something is missing . I need something wilder – a different amplifier perhaps.

I made a research and landed on a 65amps Amplifiers at musicians friend, by the way it looks, the amplifier seems sturdy enough and the brand has different variations of output which I believe will help me obtain the missing sound that I am lacking. I am planning on making a purchase in the near future, sometimes it is nice to collect things that is of great use to a guitar enthusiast especially when one is still on the search for the greatest sounding equipment in the market.

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