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Myth: Cat Fur Destroys a Disk Through Magnet


This myth is about how a magnet can screw four files inside your disk.

A college boy came in to class without homework. The teacher preempts his alibi by saying, ‘Did your dog eat it again?’, Confidently, he retorts, ‘No, my cat sat on my disk, and its fir sent electrostatic charges to wipe out my book report.’

Here is the explanation:

Studies show that it can happen, but the chances of cat fur doing this to disks is as low as your cat sitting on your disk. But it is also true that magnets pose a more viable threat. This is true for old-school floppy disks and hard drives as they have magnetic components. Exposure to a strong enough magnetic field would definitely affect the orientation of the magnets inside.


The good news is most people or maybe all of us know about a small, carry everywhere flash drives nowadays. As for the magnets, worry not as long as you know where to put your things. It is foolish to put your compact or flash drives inside a pocket with a magnet on it, same goes to your household, magnets can really destroy your files so be careful.

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