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International Need


I’ve been into mountain biking lately(not really mountain trails) and it is just so fulfilling just riding long routes and seeing the view I can’t see when driving a car. My bike, started as a beginner’s rig but I can proudly say that I were able to upgrade almost all the parts and now enjoying it more. Although, there are some parts that I can’t seem to find locally, I almost considered contacting a friend of mine hitch a part via container shipping international but then I realized I don’t need that bike frame badly since I still have a new and usable one. Maybe I just need to enjoy it even more rather than upgrading from time to time and it will surely save me a worry and of course, money.

Right on the Spot


Me and my friends just recently got into another activity of mountain biking. And as newbies, we are into looking for low-cost but reliable parts and gears for this growing hobby of ours. We searched the web both international and local stores for great deals and lucky enough to land on some things we may use. I remember the time when I am into music, any gears that I think can produce some great sounds, I get them. Just like when I searched for the best 6spot from guitar center and did some massive research and reviews on those. I still have those gears and as for riding with the wind, I think our bikes can do some heavy riding in the future right on the spot.

Piano Tunes


Sometime last week I felt the boredom of staying at home and so decided to go on a movie marathon to kill some time. I managed to watch several movies that I were not able to watch before and it’s just great and inspiring. What I noticed about those movies are their background music, music of course sets the tune in movies and it can sometimes take the viewers on an emotional ride whichever which was ingeniously put up by the production. That made me wonder if I continued to play my guitar, will I be able to put my music into movies? Not that I dream about that but music has a strong impact especially the piano tunes. Imagine hearing schoenhut piano from musicians friend during the afternoon and I am sure that you will either feel sleepy or energize depending on the beat of the pianist. I love music but I can’t find a good timing to play nowadays, I guess I’ll just listen to them when I browse online and just be carried away on the tune.

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