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Recreational Activities

Traveling Soon


I am all set to visit Batangas on September 12 with my friends. We will go wake boarding and maybe drink with some buddies afterward. It’s been so long since I planned on going on a long trip, though it is not that “long” as it seems to be because I live in Cavite and Batangas is just hours away from my location. I am glad that my friends found one of the best travel deals around and now we are just days away from our trip and yeah, I am excited and ready to break free again.

Discount Chips


Looking for a shop to buy an outstanding¬† poker sets? has something to brag about. Personally, I saw their newly designed poker chips and I think it’s a great idea to put different designs colors for each set. Its good to the eyes and its fun to look at. The more colorful, the livelier it gets. These chips are supposed to cost for about 100 – 200 us dollars but in discount poker shop, the price went more than 50% off, probably its 70% or more. Why? look at the price of those precious chips, a 100 us dollars set would only cost 39.99 when you buy it online. That’s a huge discount! Now if you buy those chips, I think its best when you buy another one from them, of course, where would you play with your precious chips when you don’t have a table to match it all up? I think you need to look at their poker tables and poker table tops and see the difference when playing on a normal table from the real deal. Your chips deserve the best place to be played at and since this store sells their items on a very huge discount basis, It’s about time to buy your dream set and play with your friends.

Wakeboarding on Sem Break


We already have a plan for this coming sem break on October, and I wish that there will be no reason for us to not go on a swimming. I mean they better be ready with their things, their bags, swimsuits, sunblock, and goggles or an oxygen tank if there’s any. The first plan is to wakeboard by the way, and I think I am ready for that this break. I also hope that none of my blockmates would get a failing grade and that includes me from my hopes.

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