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Traveling Soon


I am all set to visit Batangas on September 12 with my friends. We will go wake boarding and maybe drink with some buddies afterward. It’s been so long since I planned on going on a long trip, though it is not that “long” as it seems to be because I live in Cavite and Batangas is just hours away from my location. I am glad that my friends found one of the best travel deals around and now we are just days away from our trip and yeah, I am excited and ready to break free again.

Injury Zone


Do you still remember the last time that you have actually been in any accident or some situations that you have been injured? If you do, have you made any claims on a particular injury from the past? Any person who have attained an injury or have been in this kind of situation can make personal injury claims which means that being injured can give something back to you in return. There are different categories of an injury by accident or by fall and this can happen to anywhere to anyone. Injuries can ruin your life especially when an injured part of your body is the one you need for your area of expertise, or a part that you need most in doing your activities. Injury claims can get you right back on track and with this process, your injuries will give you a brighter future and a healthy tomorrow with the help of injury lawyers they can win you back what is rightfully yours.

One of the most hazardous places on a city is the road where pedestrians are crossing from everywhere and it is not safe for bicycles or motorcycle to drive around especially on a busy pedestrian. Accidents are common especially when the road is traveled by so many kinds of transport vehicles. This is where bicycles are most vulnerable to accidents and most of the time drivers who are driving with bicycles are made to believe that they don’t have a reason talk something out but the truth is that they have the right to start asking for a claim. Bicycle accident claims can be tricky if you don’t know how to make a claim, but with the help of expert lawyers things will be easier. One thing that you should remember is that these lawyers are particular on whose fault that you have been in an accident. They will help you make a claim if and only if it is not your fault. The best thing to do is to be safe on the road. Road accidents can be painful to anyone and do you know about whiplash? This is where the sudden impact from a collision can cause some serious pain in your neck, and your body. You can actually have make whiplash injury claims and you can help yourself claim what should be yours. Remember what I said, I you don’t want to be engaged into a stressful process, keep yourself safe but when things go wrong, just make a claim and everything will be fine.

Battery Dried Out


I together with my friends in San Beda Marketing Class and some new ly found friends went to Tagaytay last December 28 and it was supposed to be just an overnight stay. Unfortunately, during our supposed to be check out time Rocky’s Pajero’s battery ran dry so what should we expect for an automatic Pajero? It won’t start and it will be hard for us to push it forward because its system may get damaged because it is not configured for manual. What if, there is a Ferrari here in our country? it will be harder for us to find Ferrari parts to think that a Pajero does not have one lying on the streets either. Anyway, for the full story behind our Tagaytay year end trip, I will post it soon here. This is just a prelude to a great story anyway. Happy New Year! Start it with a Bang alright? but be safe! Boom!

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