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Piano Tunes


Sometime last week I felt the boredom of staying at home and so decided to go on a movie marathon to kill some time. I managed to watch several movies that I were not able to watch before and it’s just great and inspiring. What I noticed about those movies are their background music, music of course sets the tune in movies and it can sometimes take the viewers on an emotional ride whichever which was ingeniously put up by the production. That made me wonder if I continued to play my guitar, will I be able to put my music into movies? Not that I dream about that but music has a strong impact especially the piano tunes. Imagine hearing¬†schoenhut piano from musicians friend during the afternoon and I am sure that you will either feel sleepy or energize depending on the beat of the pianist. I love music but I can’t find a good timing to play nowadays, I guess I’ll just listen to them when I browse online and just be carried away on the tune.

New Field Fun


Me and my friends hung out the other night and like always, it will not be a complete evening without a bottle of liquor. And so we were talking about stuffs and some ideas on other recreations we can do other than drinking every other week when one of my friends just suggested to play a banjo. He even claimed that he already got the best banjo open back even though I know for sure that he do not know how to play it a bit. Anyway, any suggestion was good back then until one mentioned to do some riding via bikes. It sounded fun and it might be a good way to break a sweat. I have a local-stock, maybe a low-end bike but think it can cruise a good road on a good distance and I think i’m up for it. Then later that evening as conversation went point A to Point X(squared) it was like, hey – I think we should just start drinking and end the night with a good toast. Not being able to finalize which activity we’ll take we just decided to do our own stuffs for the meantime and discuss the matter again next time – with a drink of course and maybe my friend can show us how good he is at playing banjo.

Worn-out Drawer Slide


I had this computer table before, a gift from my mother when I am still in college, it looks sturdy but after a year or two the drawer slide came off. Imagine how much weight it can hold off? Just a keyboard and mouse maybe plus the weight of my arms – it just didn’t lasted that long so I took a photo of that and search the nearest hardware for replacement because during that time I don’t know what its called or the size that I should buy. I found several brands that are heavy duty and by just looking at the material, I found one that can be a good replacement. Call me a handy man in the making that time, ha-ha! Anyway, I took the old one down and replaced with the new slide and lucky enough it is still doing fine after around five years or more. I even turned the whole computer desk to my sister for her college use and still looking tough today. I should have realized that before that some furniture bought from malls are not that reliable because some furniture makers is cutting cost at the very least.


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